To be a Trial Lawyer in South Dakota means something. The Trial Lawyers across this state protect the rights of people before judges and juries, prosecutors and police, and other formidable entities as necessities dictate. The rule of law and the right to have a jury make key determinations in life and business and to calculate damages based upon what reasonable people think fair after hearing the hardship and pain is the hammer to any negotiation. The lawyers of the South Dakota Trial Lawyers Association have been warriors in this long battle for justice as is proven by the list of the members, Board of Governors, officers, and award recipients of this grand organization. The lawyers of the past, the present, and those they have mentored, work together to teach all members of today how to better argue and prepare the case for the benefit of the client. At the collegial events hosted by the Trial Lawyers practitioners young and old, some grizzled with battle, others bright with new enthusiasm, others fresh from the trenches, share the stories of the good, the bad, the lucky, and the anguished so the collective experience of the group accompanies each lawyer to trial. To that end the Trial Lawyers also bring to local seminars nationally known speakers who can share their knowledge, experience, and new ideas to the members so they can be on the cutting edge of the law and technique. In addition The Barrister, the newsletter of this organization further details the history and mission of this group by the scholarly and entertaining articles and information. The South Dakota Trial Lawyers Association also funds a lobbying effort to protect key trial rights, the rights of the people, the sanctity of the jury system, and the rule of law. This group is where you will meet lawyers’ lawyers, so to speak, and it is dedicated to the betterment of its members for the protection of clients and thereby society.
- Timothy Rensch, President


Our Mission
Since 1964, SDTLA has successfully defended South Dakotans’ right to trial by jury and continues to fight every day to protect our practices, our clients’ rights, and our civil justice system.