• Preserve the jury system.
  • Promote justice and efficiency in all matters pertaining to the trial of civil and criminal cases.
  • Establish a high standard of ethics among trial lawyers.
  • Clarify and simplify trial procedures
  • Promote a program of continuing education in trial practice
  • Encourage and assist younger members of the Bar to become trial lawyers.
  • Create good fellowship and friendship among members, and a sense of pride in the Association and its purpose.
  • Promote laws, rules and regulations to accomplish the above purposes and to promote the public good.


In pursuit of its goals, SDTLA cooperates on occasion with other organizations, such as the State Bar of South Dakota, the South Dakota Paralegal Association (SDPA), and the American Association for Justice (AAJ).

Our Mission
Since 1964, SDTLA has successfully defended South Dakotans’ right to trial by jury and continues to fight every day to protect our practices, our clients’ rights, and our civil justice system.