SDTLA Membership

All members of the State Bar of South Dakota in good standing, whether their practices involve the prosecution or defense of civil or criminal trials, are welcome to become regular voting members of the SDTLA.  University of South Dakota Law School faculty members in good standing are also welcome to join as regular voting members.

University of South Dakota Law School student body members in good standing are welcome to join as non-voting student members.  All others may join as subscribing members, not entitled to vote.



  • Continuing education on key topics in civil and criminal trial practice.  Expert practitioners present programs each year promoting excellence in advocacy, simplification of trial practice, and understanding of special litigation areas.

  • SDTLA Barrister, published six times a year, including reports of jury verdicts, case settlements, and court opinions.  Articles focus on practical skills and useful information for the trial practitioner, along with opportunities to identify lawyers willing to share knowledge and ideas.

  • Effective voice in Pierre for trial lawyers and their clients.  SDTLA works hard to maintain and improve the civil and criminal justice systems in South Dakota.  SDTLA also expresses the concerns of its member sand their clients to our U.S. Congressional delegation.

  • Popular efforts to promote public understanding of law and good will toward the profession, including People's Law Schools in many communities.  Trial By Jury at the State Fair, and mock trials and career exploration for young people.

  • Opportunities for camaraderie with fellow trial lawyers, access to SDTLA data-base on verdicts and settlements, and more...

Our Mission
Since 1964, SDTLA has successfully defended South Dakotans’ right to trial by jury and continues to fight every day to protect our practices, our clients’ rights, and our civil justice system.