Law Student $10.00 yearly
Legal Support Staff $ 50.00 yearly*
0-2 years in practice $70.00 yearly
3-5 years in practice $100.00 yearly
Over 5 years in practice $350.00 yearly
Public Attorney in practice over 2 years $100.00 yearly**
Sustaining member $700.00 yearly***
Subscribing member $125.00 yearly****


*This is a non-voting membership for any individual employed by a lawyer or law firm that is a current member of SDTLA.  Discounted seminar fees will be given to paid legal support staff SDTLA members. 

**Public attorney members must be employed full-time by federal, state, county, or municipal government or legal aid association.

***Sustaining members must have been engaged in the practice of law and a member in good standing of SDTLA for five years. Attendance at the annual fall seminar is free for sustaining members

****Any individual or organization may be eligible to be subscribing members, who receive all SDTLA membership benefits, but are not entitled to vote.

Our Mission
Since 1964, SDTLA has successfully defended South Dakotans’ right to trial by jury and continues to fight every day to protect our practices, our clients’ rights, and our civil justice system.